Briar Tenney/15/Underage Ward


Location Traveled From:  New York City, New York.

 FC: Chloe Moretz

Briar’s story is a bit different from that of most in the Colony. Although most residents don’t have family with them, they came from a family. Briar did not; she comes from an orphanage called ‘Bronx Center for Orphaned Children’.  At the young age of two months old, she was dropped on the doorstep of the Orphanage right next to Kit Bronwyn. The two girls were thought to be sisters but upon a DNA test it was found that they weren’t related. The story behind how the two got to the doorstep is still a mystery to this day. No matter how many times the center looked for her parents, they never found a sign of them. From that moment on, Briar and Kit were inseparable. They spent most of their days exploring New York City, stirring up trouble. Briar has a love for dance and can often be found late at night dancing in the old rec center. She’s a rule breaker and hates authority. Growing up in an orphanage Briar learned quickly that if she wanted something she would have to take it; not rely on others to get it for her. She often stole small things and sold it for money for her and Kit. So when Hunter left a necklace out in plain sight, she knew immediately that it was worth money. The three girls, Kit, Cecily and herself took the necklace and are still trying to find a place to sell it. Briar had no idea that the necklace was that important to Hunter, but she is still determined to sell it.

                The virus hit Bronx with a vengeance and people were dying left and right. The caretakers of the Orphanage got the virus and everything went to hell. The children had no one to take care of them, then they started to get sick and people started to leave. It was one night about two weeks after the caretaker passed away, Kit woke Briar up and they decided they were going to leave. There were whispers of a colony that was somewhere in Maryland so the two girls decided to go there. The journey wasn’t easy, but after a few months the two girls arrived at the colonies gates.  Along the way to the colony they did take things from homes that they were able to bring into the colony with them. Things such as clothes, an iPod, and items they found strewn along the road. Briar had never truly had anything to call her own and was excited to be able to have stuff to call hers. Although the colony offers a secure home and a meal, Briar hates it. She hates having strict rules she has to follow every day and adults she has to listen to. The idea of spending the rest of her life in the camp is about as appealing as having a root canal with no anesthesia. She loves to try and find a way out and isn’t afraid to get in trouble for it. If it means she has to get in trouble with Hunter all the time, she doesn’t care. She just wants to find a way out for her and her friends. Briar loves to make friends but her closest are Kit and Cecily.

                Briar gets along with most people but there are two certain girls she does not. Piper Oldfield and Avery Armstrong absolutely detest Briar and Kit. Briar has no idea why but thinks its maybe because Kit and herself know each other from outside the walls of the colony. Briar tries her best to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist but sometimes their paths do cross and they don’t mesh well at all. It doesn’t help the situation that all of the girls live in the same bunk.

 Friends: Hattie Bronwyn, Cecily Valentine

 Enemies: Avery Armstrong, Piper Oldfield